QUARTZ 3000 GAS SG 20W-50

Super Engine oil for vehicles running on natural gas.

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Product description

TOTAL QUARTZ 3000 GAS is a multi-grade mineral engine oil formulated with CleanShield Technology and designed for engines using CNG as fuel. It helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and sludge in older engines operating under standard driving conditions.

Features and Benefits
- Total QUARTZ 3000 GAS offers the power and performance of API SG . It is designed for naturally aspirated CNG / Natural Gas operated cars and light duty vehicles.
- It is formulated with premium quality base oils and high performance additives to provide better engine protection.
- It lubricates critical engine parts effectively and provides an appropriate protective oil film which keeps on protecting your engine.
- Special additive chemistry controls bearing corrosion and engine rusting and helps bring down maintenance cost.
- Keeps the engine cleaner and maximizes the efficiency by reducing the deposit formation in the piston ring area thus protecting against liner wear.
- Also reduces the wear of the cams and lifters thus safeguarding the engine and providing better efficiency.