Monograde lubricant for Diesel engines, suitable for gear boxes, transmissions, hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires an engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications.

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Product description

TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 100 is a better performance Monograde oil specially suitable for Trucks, buses, Agri and construction machineries.
Its CLEAN-SHIELD TECHNOLOGY with High Total Base Number (TBN) content provides:
- Engine cleanliness, even in the presence of hi-Sulphur fuels
- Protection against corrosion and wear
- Longer engine life and lower oil consumption

Features and Benefits:
- Like all Total Rubia Fleet HD Range products, Rubia Fleet HD 100 is engineered for high mileage trucks operating in very difficult conditions, and keeps engine cleaner even in presence of hi-sulfur fuel.
- TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 100 provides stable oil film on moving parts of engine to give better protection against engine wear.