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QUARTZ 4000 SM 20W-50

Mineral based engine oils well-suited for hot countries with medium to high temperatures.

Can be used with petrol or diesel engine without particulate filters and engines built prior to 2004 suitable for normal driving conditions.

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Product description

TOTAL QUARTZ 4000 is a multi-grade mineral engine oil formulated with CleanShield Technology. It keeps engine running cleanly and efficiently under normal road conditions.

Features and Benefits
- Total QUARTZ 4000 offers the power and performance of API SM . It is designed for naturally aspirated gasoline operated cars and light duty vehicles.
- It is formulated with premium formula designed for higher stability through use of very high quality base oils and high performance additives to control oil consumption, provide better engine protection and longer drain intervals.
- It lubricates critical engine parts more effectively and provides a stronger protective oil film which keeps on protecting your engine.
- Special additive chemistry controls acid buildup, bearing corrosion and engine rusting. This helps bring down maintenance cost.
- Keeps the engine cleaner and maximizes the efficiency by reducing the deposit formation in the piston ring area thus protecting against liner wear.
- Also reduces the wear of the cams and lifters thus safeguarding the engine and providing better efficiency.