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QUARTZ 5000 SN 10W-40

High performance mineral based oils for passenger car.

Developed for both gasoline and diesel engines not equipped with diesel particulate filters.

Suitable for a wide range of applications (city traffic, road, motorways), and in all seasons.

Exceed the latest API specifications and are fully backward compatible.

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Product description

TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 SN is a high performance mineral engine oil formulated with CleanShield Technology. It has excellent cleanliness properties suitable for all types of routes: long journey and urban drive (requiring frequent starts).

TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 SN is designed to provide improved high temperature protection , more stringent sludge control, enhanced seal compatibility and protection of engines Lubricated parts.

Features and Benefits:
- Improved high temperature deposit control results in higher level of protection for piston and turbochargers.
- More stringent additive chemistry prolongs the life of the oil and minimizes harmful sludge & varnish formations.
- It lubricates critical engine parts more effectively and provides a stronger protective oil film which keeps on protecting your engine.
- Special additive chemistry controls acid buildup, bearing corrosion and engine rusting. This helps bring down maintenance cost.
- Use of premium base oils results in controlled Oil Consumption.
- it meets the requirements of a very wide range of engines developed by many different manufacturers.