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Universal mineral lubricant for diesel engines recommended for all turbocharged or naturally-aspirated diesel engines of commercial vehicles (trucks, nozzles, vans, pick-ups, taxis ...), public works equipments and locomotives requiring API CF performance.

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Product description

TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 200 is a high performance Multigrade oil specially suitable for Trucks, buses, Agri and construction machineries.
Its CLEAN-SHIELD TECHNOLOGY with High Total Base Number (TBN) content provides:
- Engine cleanliness, even in the presence of hi-Sulphur fuels
- Protection against corrosion and wear
- Longer engine life and lower oil consumption

Features and Benefits:
- Like all Total Rubia Fleet HD Range products, Rubia Fleet HD 200 is engineered for high mileage trucks operating in very difficult conditions, and keeps engine cleaner even in presence of hi-sulfur fuel.
- Rubia Fleet HD 200 is blended with high performance base oils and superior additive technology to provide better performance in all conditions.
- Through use of robust Viscosity modifier, Rubia Fleet HD 200 provides excellent protection to engine parts resulting in reduced friction thereby minimizing wear and excessive heat generation.
- Rubia Fleet HD 200 keeps the engine clean & performing at peak efficiency with higher power and performance.
- The enhanced protection of Total Rubia Fleet HD 200 allows the vehicle owners to save on maintenance costs by decreasing the frequency of parts replacement.
- Rubia Fleet HD 200 is suitable for use in all weather conditions across Pakistan